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Poczciwy Krzychu
Moto influencer
Hi, my name is Kamil, but I'm known as Poczciwy Krzychu on the Internet. Ever since I turned eighteen, I've had a great passion for automotive. Since then, my whole world revolves around cars. A year ago, I built my first drift car, and since then, I've been actively developing my skills in the field of drifting. However, before this car came into existence, I began my drifting journey with simulators in sim racing, and it was training in Assetto Corsa that inspired me to try it in real life. In the past year, I also had the pleasure of participating in a twenty-four-hour Le Mans race on simulators with the Persona Cars team. Currently, I practice very often on the simulator, both behind the wheel of a racing car and a drift car. It's worth mentioning that my first tattoo is related to automotive - it depicts two pistons in the shape of a heart arranged like a chain.