About us
Who we are
W3GA is the first-ever event focused entirely on gaming using Web3 technology. Notably, it's also the largest simracing event ever. We're a team of enthusiasts from different backgrounds who've come together to create a unique experience for simracing fans, Web3 gamers, and blockchain technology enthusiasts.
The organizers of W3GA
Augmented Life Studio (ALS)
The owner of Metapro, which is offering a comprehensivesolution for those interested in exploring NFT, metaverse, game, and e-sport open sourceprotocols. The creators of metapro were partners in the Indie Games zone at the PGA eventin 2022. The strong interest in the web3 gaming market and the new tools available to bothplayers and developers prompted the decision to create W3GA as a dedicated event for thissector of the industry. W3GA will be held as part of the PGA event in 2023, which is scheduledto take place from October 6-8, 2023 in Poznan, Poland. This is a unique opportunity for theweb3 gaming market to showcase its innovations and potential on a global stage.
Key partners
ESE Entertainment (ESE)
Global gaming and entertainment company based in Poland.Founded in 2015, the company has become a leading player in the gaming industry. ESEEntertainment runs a number of successful gaming teams and events, including the PoznańGame Arena. In addition to its gaming operations, the company also manages a number ofpopular streamers and content creators, producing and distributing original gaming andentertainment content for a global audience. ESE Entertainment's goal is to bring togethergaming enthusiasts and create a truly immersive and interactive experience for all. With itsdiverse portfolio of gaming and entertainment offerings, the company is well-positioned tocontinue its growth and success in the industry.
Poznań International Fair (MTP)
The owner of Poznań Game Arena (PGA), which is awidely-respected annual gaming event that has been taking place since 2004. It is organized inthe city of Poznań, Poland and is known as the largest gaming fair in east Europe. PGA attractstens of thousands of gaming enthusiasts every year and features presentations anddemonstrations of new technologies from leading brands such as Samsung, Bethesda,Nintendo, and Ubisoft. This event has established itself as a leader in the gaming industry andsets the standard for other similar events. Its reputation and success have made PGA amust-attend event for anyone interested in the gaming industry.
Ragnar Simulator
Founded in 2016, Ragnar Simulator has grown from a passion for motorsports and simracing. The company specializes in the sale and rental of driving simulators, comprehensive esports event organization, game content production, and professional training at the Sim Center in Częstochowa. The simulators provide authentic driving experiences, and the organized competitions attract players of varying skill levels. Content production enriches the simracing community, while professional training aids in skill improvement. Ragnar Simulator is not just a company but also a community of enthusiasts willing to share knowledge and enthusiasm. It continues to develop, aiming to meet customer expectations.